Portes Houses - Boutique Hotel

Koufonisia Greece

Portes Houses is a family-run boutique hotel property, operating since 2012 and comprising of 10 white washed, smooth-edged houses, with amalgamating elements of the old Cycladic architecture, which combines wholehearted and warm hospitality with luxury and comfort. The vision in our minds and hearts was to create a place of serenity that would be relaxing to the eye and calming to the senses. Our goal was to preserve the island’s character and create a barefoot chic aesthetic for the indoor spaces, embracing the mesmerizing surroundings.

The interior scenery of our rooms has been injected with an underlying mood of simplicity and elegance, through its graceful curving lines. Its starkly monochromatic color palette and the use of totally natural materials, effortlessly come together in a festivity of exciting contrasts made of light and shadow. Working as a canvas of colorless unity reigning throughout, our rooms are interrupted only by a few contrasting objects.

Situated under the blazing sun of Koufonisi, Portes Houses’ outstanding location offers the most magnificent views, flawlessly reflecting the island’s tranquility. Its intimate atmosphere and euphoric energy make it the ideal holiday destination for experiencing the relaxed and elegant simplicity of island living.